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Bofur handed everyone their food, I grabbed my bowl and went to sit against a wall, or at least what was left of it.

It was a clear night, the stars were so visible, you could see them for miles.

I was looking through a hole in the roof at said stars when I felt boards under me shift.

I looked up to see Thorin sitting down next to me.

"Oh." I said as he sat next to me with his dinner.

"You were all alone over here. I thought you'd want some company."

It was hard to hide the surprise on my face, but I recovered quickly.

"Well, thank you." I smiled at him.

He ate some of his stew, and I did the same.

Suddenly, Fili ran up to the house.

"Trolls....have.....Bilbo!!" He said between breaths.

"What?!" Thorin quickly stood up. "Where?"

Every one grabbed their weapons and followed Fili to the trolls.

I grabbed my sword from my saddle and began to follow them.

Gloin ran past me, then stopped, "Lass, trolls are a bit too much for ye. You stay here and watch the rest of the ponies. Make sure we don't lose anymore, aye?"

"Gloin! C'mon!" Bofur yelled as they disappeared into the forest.

As the last dwarf vanished through the trees, I couldn't believe what just happened.

I would have run after them, but a shot of fear went through me when thinking of trolls.

I went and sat on a rock, waiting for then to come back. I was more than angry about being left behind.

I had been doing so well! I had even began training with Oin!

I groaned. I knew that they only made me stay behind because they thought it was best, but still.

- - - -

They had been gone for an awful long time.

I was really getting worried, it was almost dawn.

I heard a rustling in the bushes, I jumped up with my sword, facing where the sound was coming from.

A gray hat appeared.

"Gandalf! You're back!" I lowered my blade.

"Where are the others?" He gestured to the burned house.

"Bilbo got captured by trolls, and the others went to save him."

He gave me an odd look, "We must go after them!"

He ran into the forest and I followed on his heels.

- - -

We found them soon after that.

About half of them were on a spit, which was being turned by two of the three trolls.

The rest, including Thorin, Kili, fili, and Bilbo, were in what looked like burlap sacks in a pile.

The trolls were discussing how to cook them.

"Gandalf!" I whispered harshly a we watched from the bushes.
"We have to do something!"

He put a hand on my shoulder and gave me a look that shut my mouth.

"..I don't fancy being turned to stone." One of the trolls said.


Bilbo suddenly jumped up.

"You are making a terrible mistake!"

"You can't reason with them, they're half-wits!" A dwarf from the spit yelled.

"What do you know about cooking dwarf?" The troll from before stepped towards my cousin. My stomach clenched.

"The...uh... Secret to cooking dwarf... Is to.... Skin them first!" Bilbo told the trolls.

The commotion coming from the rest of the company could be heard for miles.

"I've eaten plenty with their skins on! Nothing wrong with a bit of raw dwarf!" The other troll picked up Bombur, dangling him above his open mouth.

"Not that one! He-he's infected!"


"He's got parasites in his....tubes! In fact, they all have."

"Wha- we don't have parasites!" Kili yelled, "You have parasites!"

Thorin kicked him.

"I've got parasites as big as my arm!" Said Oin.

The trolls were not buying it.

Gandalf and I were going to have to do something, or our friends were going to be eaten.

I looked to Gandalf to tell him, only to find that he wasn't there. I looked around frantically.

"They're taking us for fools!" A troll said.

"Dawn will take you all!" Gandalf cried  from atop of a large boulder. He struck the rock with his staff, breaking it clean down the middle.

The sun broke through the opening, shining onto the trolls.

The three of them screamed as their skin turned into stone. Before very long, three troll statues stood in front of us.

I ran out from the bushes, to Bilbo.

I cut the sack that bound him with my sword. I hugged him tightly.

"Oh cousin! You were so brave!"

He smiled and hugged me back.

Everyone else got unbound within minutes.

I looked over as Kili and Dwalin help Thorin out of his bounds.

He looked up right as I looked over.

I gave him a smile, hoping it said how glad I was that he was safe.

He nodded, then spotted Gandalf walking in between the trolls.

My attention was quickly drawn to Kili and Fili running up to me.

"Did you see that Button?"

He was so energetic I couldn't fathom why. I wasn't even captured and my heart was still beating very fast.

I hugged him, glad that he was okay.

I watched Bofur, Gloin, and Nori follow Thorin and Gandalf.

"Oi, lets see what there up to." Fili elbowed his brother.

The two trailed after the older dwarves, Kili dragging me by the hand.

We came upon a cave, and his behind some rocks as we watched them enter it.
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Scarlet Took (c) tallisman13

Story (c) tallisman13

Everything else (c) J.R.R. Tolkien
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The ones who are not smart are VERY STRONG :XD:
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